Citrus Lane review Dec 2013

I'm just going to come right out and say it, 
Citrus Lane's Dec box was less than stellar. 

Nik was super excited right away. He pulled out the
handprint art kit and handed it to me.

When he saw there was only a book, a paper and some lotion,
Nik was disappointed. 

Sad face.  "no toys?"

Once he noticed that there was a puzzle in the box all was good again.

According to Nik this puzzle is fun,
and he loves that the pieces stand up on their own. 

The book we received is awesome.
This book has become a regular in the nighttime book rotation. 
Pickles thinks it's comical that the moon has arms and legs. 

The hand print art is fabulous.
I'm always looking for new ways to preserve Nik's early years.
I love Pearhead, and am already an owner of many of their photo albums.

Of course we used the hand print kit right away.
We received the box right before Christmas and this made for a beautiful gift.
(I added a little extra periwinkle to the provided blue paint, the color is not a true representation of the color in the kit)

The box also contained a Snuggly lotion.
We have received products from this company in previous box's.
We are fans of their stuff. This lotion has a lovely cherry smell. 

Our overall impression of this box is meh.
Nik loves the puzzle and we enjoyed doing the pearhead print,
but this box lacked the usual pizzazz.

If you would like to try Citrus Lane click here 

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