Citrus Lane review Jan 2014

Citrus Lane's January box made Nikolas very happy. 

The shipping box had the same design on it as December's box. 
I love the white snowflake look. 

Nik grabbed for the markers first. 
These bad boys are double sided and major super awesome bonus, 
they are washable.

The box also contained an activity book.
Very age appropriate. We have not used this yet.

The upset tummy & nausea relief was my favorite item.
I just adore when Citrus Lane sends us things
Nik can use in the tub; lotions and herbal medicines,
their next addition should be kid lip-balm.

They also included a card for 20% off at Ruby Ribbon.
It appears to be another "start your own business" kit.
Buy-our-starter-bundle-and-sell-the-items-to-your-friends kind of thing. 

The best item in the entire box is a wooden assorted fruit 
set that can be cut into halves. 

This set comes with a wooden knife and bag to hold
all of your toddlers wooden fruit paraphernalia, 
as well as three pieces of fruit with very strong Velcro in the middle. 

Nik found the fruit-cutting to be extremely fascinating.
It kept him busy for quite some time.
The Velcro is strong so your toddler
will have to work to get that knife through. 

I explained to Pickles that he should not be cutting his fruits in his lap,
 as that showed a serious lack of basic knife safety and knife fundamentals.
His response "wha?".

Overall this box was loved by all.

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