Paper wad tree

I actually had no intention of blogging about this craft,
but it turned out so cute I just had to share.

I have seen many variations of this craft online,
and I knew Nik would love it.
Because of the wading paper aspect and the glue of course.
He just loves glue.

I was not quite sure what to call this project,
the hubs advised me that it looks like a paper wad tree.
Paper wad tree it is.

Paper to print on
Paper squares to wad

(Only if you need to cut the squares or trim the picture)

I gathered materials, which only consisted of paper squares,
a printed picture of a tree & glue.
I had the squares from a previous project.
Found a bag of them at a craft store for 3.99.

Any project that uses glitter glue is a friend of mine. 

I found the tree template at a free printable's site.
I showed Nik had to wad the paper, explained that we
were making leaves and let him go.

He had so much fun.
And I just loved how simple it was. 

Nik told me this project made him happy. 

The result is gorgeous. I cannot wait to frame this one.

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