Comic shelf

Decoupaged comic shelf

First a warning. 
If you feel you may become squeamish from watching a comic book being cut up, this will not be the post for you. 

I learned a few things while doing this and other comic projects.

1) Comic book dudes take comics seriously, 

and cutting comics is like stealing a squirrel's nuts. 
Just wrong!
2) If a dude at the comic book store asks you if you have Superman 20 in your hands because you already read #1-19, the wrong answer is "ah yea". 
I was trying to prevent myself from looking stupid, all I managed to do was trap myself into a confusing conversation about the constant shifting from fantasy to reality, and Orion's fight with Superman. 

I love to decoupage things. 
I wanted to do a comic theme and 
started by decoupaging chipboard letters for Nik's room. 

I decided that he also needed a shelf. 

The hubs had a few extra in the garage.

Wooden shelf
Various comics & kids magazine's

Mod Podge
paint brush or sponge

For the comics, I went to my local comic book store for the new ones, ordered the older ones on e-bay and used Lego magazines that just started coming to the house.

I started by cutting up the comics. 
I cut outlined frames and large Wha-Wha-Wam type words.

I used the Mod Podge to paint the back of the comic pieces 
and place them on the shelf. 

I made sure to press the paper down 
around the edges and lip.

Then I painted Podge all over the top. 
Any paper creases can be removed with a blow dryer.

After the top had dried for 24 hours I started on the bottom.

I covered the bottom the same way, 
and then painted the Podge over the surface.

The finished product.

The perfect place for Nik to show off his priceless heirlooms.



Thanksgiving turkey window decor

Pickles loves stickers. The only thing he loves more, 
is placing them where they don't belong. 
ie.. Mommy's car window.  
I decided I would give him a healthier outlet for his sticker fascination, 
a foam turkey. 

Foam turkeys
Festive stickers
Goggle eyeballs
Pom Pom balls


Pickles had so much fun with this craft. 
It combined his love of stickers, goggle eyes and glue all in one project. 
I assisted in placing glue on the eyeballs, the rest was all Nik. 

Nik placed stickers, pom poms and eyes all over the turkey's.
He was muttering things to himself about sad pumpkins and asking why he couldn't just pour all the glue all over the eyeballs? 
It seemed like a perfectly legitimate idea to Nik and he could not understand why I would not just get on board with the idea.

This was by far the least messy project we have done.
We had a little glue to wipe up, aside from that it was mess free. 

Nik decorated both sides, then I tied a little ribbon and raffia to the top and we hung these in the window for everyone to enjoy. 


Pickles interview questions

I love this concept. 
Asking your kid specific questions and saving the answers for posterity. 
I saw a post about interviewing your kids when Nik was a baby, and I have been patiently waiting for Pickles' vocabulary to grow. 

31 month Nik Interview

How old are you?  "8"
Favorite Color?  "Toy"
Favorite Food?  "Grilled Cheese"
Favorite Toy?  "The Yellow one's"
Favorite book?  "The Park"
Favorite song?  "Caillou song"
Favorite game?  "Caillou"
Favorite TV show?  "daddy mommy"
Favorite thing to do with the family?  "Watch me climbing"
Favorite thing about yourself?  "Belly"
Favorite thing in the whole world to do?  "Park"
What makes you happy?  "Ernie"
What makes you sad?  "Ernie"
What do mommy and daddy always say to you?  "Go to park?"
What's your nickname?  "Yes - Park"
What do you like to eat for lunch?  "Grilled Cheese"
When you grow up what do you want to be?  "A fire truck"

What is love? "Mommy Daddy" Then daddy asked Nik to repeat the following:  "baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me no more", Nik repeated it like he was doing a Christopher Walken impression. Hilarity ensued.

Anything else you want to tell me?  " Go to park please"