Comic shelf

Decoupaged comic shelf

First a warning. 
If you feel you may become squeamish from watching a comic book being cut up, this will not be the post for you. 

I learned a few things while doing this and other comic projects.

1) Comic book dudes take comics seriously, 

and cutting comics is like stealing a squirrel's nuts. 
Just wrong!
2) If a dude at the comic book store asks you if you have Superman 20 in your hands because you already read #1-19, the wrong answer is "ah yea". 
I was trying to prevent myself from looking stupid, all I managed to do was trap myself into a confusing conversation about the constant shifting from fantasy to reality, and Orion's fight with Superman. 

I love to decoupage things. 
I wanted to do a comic theme and 
started by decoupaging chipboard letters for Nik's room. 

I decided that he also needed a shelf. 

The hubs had a few extra in the garage.

Wooden shelf
Various comics & kids magazine's

Mod Podge
paint brush or sponge

For the comics, I went to my local comic book store for the new ones, ordered the older ones on e-bay and used Lego magazines that just started coming to the house.

I started by cutting up the comics. 
I cut outlined frames and large Wha-Wha-Wam type words.

I used the Mod Podge to paint the back of the comic pieces 
and place them on the shelf. 

I made sure to press the paper down 
around the edges and lip.

Then I painted Podge all over the top. 
Any paper creases can be removed with a blow dryer.

After the top had dried for 24 hours I started on the bottom.

I covered the bottom the same way, 
and then painted the Podge over the surface.

The finished product.

The perfect place for Nik to show off his priceless heirlooms.


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  1. I always have comments about my daughters creativity, most and foremost where does she get it? I can't even put two pipe cleaners together nor do I have a desire to design, make, create, recreate or decoupage an thing. Yes, I am her mother I do remember giving birth to her but where she gets this amazing talent I have no idea!!! Neither her dad or I are creative. I always say I can't draw a stick man with a ruler. ha ha. As far as the comic book mutilation it was her brother, JIm who almost had a coronary when she cut them up. Being a long time comic book collector he did not enjoy her cutting those up. Oh well I think the universe is safe from crime even thought she cut some up. Nik does love doing crafts with mommy. When he and I talk on the phone he says he is doing "crafts". The other day he said he was making a surprise for me. I love his little pictures, paintings, coasters and anything he makes for me. I'm a nana what can I say, I love the kid and I love this site. My daughter is amazing and she is very, very talented. No idea where it comes from but she is talented. Love you guys mom