Super hero cuff

Nik's imagination gets bigger everyday.
I love being able to give him "props"
so he can stretch that imagination muscle. 

Currently he is all about superheroes,
and what superhero doesn't have a superhero cuff?

My intention was to make these out of thick felt & Velcro, 
or some other cuff like material.
But it occurred to me that my husband had unused 80's
 wrist bands just going to waste, so I liberated one from his stash. 

Sticker back fabric stars
Fabric letter N for Pickles!

Pinking shears

How did I know how long to make the felt pieces? 
I just wrapped some felt around the sweatband and eyeballed it. 
Yep, I have a picture of a ruler in my tools list, but I didn't use it once. 

I learned some valuable lessons during this activity. 
First, thin felt stretches in a horrible way. 
After gluing both the felt blue pieces onto the cuff and letting it dry,
 I  pulled on the cuff to check how stretchy 
it was and pulled the darn thing out of shape.

I recovered from the stretchy felt situation and placed the
fabric sticker star and letter N over the felt blue pieces.

When I gave Nik the cuff the next morning he was psyched.
Super psyched!

He immediately ran off to be the mayor of hero town and
 take pictures of himself with his Scout phone.
He loves it! Pickles calls it his superhero wrist band.

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