Coffee Filter butterfly's

These coffee filter butterfly's were fun. 
Not only was the resulting craft awesome, 
but it also warranted two costume changes from Pickles.
Jedi robe AND Fire Chief!

Coffee Filters
Pipe cleaners

Water in a spray bottle
Masking tape (not pictured, he was shy)

I flattened out the coffee filters and provided Nik with markers. 

This part is definitely not where the fun I mentioned earlier comes in. 

Nik was only on board with this craft
because he understood that spraying water was one of the steps.
Once he realized that spraying water was step 2 in this process, he became bored quickly with coloring the filters.

Pickles explained to me that he had colored one filter
and he believed we should move on to spraying water at this point.

With the vigor and excitement Nik displayed over spraying water onto coffee filters, you would believe this part of the craft to be face melting awesome!

It occurred to me that perhaps I needed to tape the filters down, this would prevent Nik from having to hold them and color them at the same time.
Nik agreed that this was a good plan.

Coffee filters are fragile, but I knew that I could pull the
 masking tape off wet and all would be good (and it was, just FYI). 
Nik changed into his second outfit of the night,
fire chief, while I taped the filters down.
Nik finished getting a little color on each filter and we started spraying.

Nik discovered that if he sprayed his hand, water would drip off onto the filters.
It was creating a great smear effect.

Pickles finished spraying the filters and we set them on a towel to dry.

 Once dried I pinched the middles of two filters
 and placed them in to a folded pipe cleaner.
I pushed both filters down and twisted the pipe cleaner to hold
the butterfly body in place. 

The length and design of your butterfly antenna is a personal choice,
and one you must make for yourself.
Nik and I like the curly-Q version the best.

Nik and I thought his butterfly's turned out beautifully.  

Our cat Nougat was unimpressed.

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