Pumpkin painting project

I should have named this post 
"are you really going to paint an orange pumpkin orange?", 
because that is exactly what my husband asked me when he saw 
Pickles and I working on this project.

Acrylic paint

Paint brush
Cup or paint tray
Scooping spoon
Bowl for seeds and guts

No, my intention was not to paint an orange pumpkin orange, but let Nik enhance the orangery greenness of it with some glitter paint.

Pickles sat and waited for the pumpkin to be opened and scooped. 
That's his patient face. 

The hubs explained the process to Nik. 

Pickles was jazzed about using the large 
metal spoon to scrape some pumpkin guts.

After the pumpkin scraping party we set to painting. 
I used two tubes of extreme glitter in Orange and a Peridot. 

I let Pickles use two paint brushes, one for each color. 
Not that it made a difference, he mixed the colors just the same.

Nik painted his pumpkin. 
This did not hold his attention long so only one side of the pumpkin got any sort of paint coverage. 

 I can tell what you might be thinking at this point. 
"Are you the worst photographer in the world or 
is the lighting in your home bad?".
Well, it's a little of column A and a little of column B.  
Mostly A.

We did achieve that glittery goodness and Pickles liked this project, but painting does not really hold his interest. 
Especially after having to follow a good pumpkin gut scrape, 
that's a hard act to follow. 

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