Toddler autumn leaf suncatcher

I love Autumn. 
I really wanted to do a fall craft with Pickles. So, we decided on a fall leaf window sun-catcher.

We started by collecting some fallen leaves.  I let Nik use the plastic pumpkin to collect them, it was like trick or treating for leaves, sticks and at one point dog poop (he thought it was a stick, poor Pickles).. 

Pickles got so excited about riding his bike to go collecting, 
he continually forget the mission we were on.  

Collected leaves, small sticks and twigs
Contact paper
Thumbprint glass to add some sparkle (clear and green)
Shaved crayons (fall colors)

Hole punch
Tulle that I had left over from my wedding crafts
Something to shave the crayons up with (I got this grater from the dollar store)
And of course tuna cans to hold the contact sheet down. 
(The cans do not have to be full of tuna, you can choose any potted meat you would like)

I flipped the contact paper clear side down and pulled the paper up in just one corner. Pickles started placing leaves, glass and small twigs, and I shaved the crayons down a bit for some crayon "sprinkles".
As he filled a section with leaves, glass and sprinkles, I pulled more paper down.


 When we were done with placement, we folded the contact paper over onto itself and stuck it together. I trimmed the edges with scissors, you could use shears with a nice design for a fancier look.

Perhaps this is common knowledge for everyone on the planet but me, but contact paper does not stick to itself for crap. We had to press between each item, and the glass we chose was far too large for this project. 

Nik decided it needed to be hammered down lightly. It helped. 

I punched two holes on the top and ran the tulle through them, tying a tulle bow at the top. 

Pickles was so proud. 
When I asked him to show me the finished product he stood in front of me, 
turned to his right and proudly showed his project to the cat. 

We hung the sun-catcher over the sliding glass window with a tack.


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