Citrus Lane review Oct 2013 - Spoiler

Spoiler Alert! Oct 2013 Citrus Lane box - If you don't want to know the contents of the Oct Citrus Lane box, do not read ahead; even if there are cute pics down there.  

The box was a lovely shade of pink for breast cancer awareness month. 
Pickles was so excited for this box. He opened it, removed the yellow paper and started saying
"toys, oh toys!".  And "happy birfday Nik".  
It's not his birthday.

This box contained some great items:

 Dreamz & Twinkies To Go from Cloud B
Rhythm Sticks from Hohner Kids
BOPS from Good Boy Organics
Lady Bug Magazine from Cricket Magazine Group & Digital subscription

Pickles immediately grabbed for the toys and the chips.

My first thought was, "Sea Salt chips for kids?". 
But as soon as he tried them he was hooked. 
Plus, they have a cool flatness to them which allowed 
Pickles to stack them in his hand.

The Dreamz & Twinkies nightlight was a big hit. 
He used the nightlight tonight and loved it. 
It shines fish, stars and things on the ceiling and turns blue or green. 

After checking out the light, he needed more chips.

Pickles got funky with the rhythm sticks and reviewed the Ladybug magazine. The Rhythm sticks are awesome, but I'm afraid he may use one as a weapon against the cats or the TV. 
So, I placed those in the supervised play bin for later.
Overall, the Ladybug magazine appeared to be full of kid-friendly 
content, stories, games, paper doll cut-outs etc.
Cricket Magazine Group also included a 3 month online subscription and a deal on the mailed magazine.

The box itself contained pink mustache pop-outs, complete with the reason.

 Overall, this was a great box, and we both loved it!
(Especially the chips!)

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