Citrus Lane review April 2014

Did I skip the March Citrus Lane review, yes.
Is there a reason for this anarchy?
Nik was wearing his super reflective fireman jacket and
the resulting pictures were hard to look at.

Overall Nik liked the March box.
dough, a puzzle, a present for mommy and a first aid kit. 

Let's just move right on to April's box.
Pickles was so excited that he could not wait for me to take pictures.

The box contained  quite a few awesome things.

When Pickles realized one of those awesome things
within the box was big boy cups he was super excited.

These are great cups.
Easy for Nik to hold, and still nice and sturdy.
A great addition to the box.
I love when the box contains
kid kitchen-ware.

No, this is not the face of a disappointed child,
but that of a child concentrating on the different types of tools in the Tools 'N Things bag. 

Pickles is obsessed with tools. He loved this set.

I love that the tools have their respective names on them.
Very cool for preschool age children. 

Aprils box also came with a free card from Treat.
It appears Treat is Shutterfly's greeting card service.
Shutterfly is awesome and so are free cards. 


I have a Meyer's counter spray that I just love. 
The lemon dish soap is definitely another Meyer's product I wanted to try,
but it's so expensive.
I didn't want to try a large bottle of soap
and end up hating it and wasting it..
This was the perfect chance to try it out.

The smell is amazing.
I cleaned my tub with it just so I could smell it in my bathroom.

Ok this is the part of the post where things may have a different tone.
I'm just going to break this down.
Citrus Lane promised me that I would get to try
new products from lots of different brand partners, etc..
However 2014 has been a big year for Bear Foot books in Citrus Lane box's.
Zig Zag Zebra, I took the moon for a walk, Skip through the seasons and now The Prince's Bedtime.
Don't get me wrong Barefoot books are lovely, but where is the variety?

The Prince's Bedtime is a read along. I was excited because
I had something similar when I was younger. 

The story was read by Jim Broadbent.
Jim was in a few of the Harry Potter
 movies as
Pickles enjoyed turning the pages when the chime would ding,
but it was a long and hard story for a three year old to follow. 


Overall a good box.
Perhaps I should start a CL rating scale for the box's.
The 1 to 10 scale perhaps, with 1 being
 "what were you thinking CL?". And 10 is "the coolest CL box so far!"

 On that scale this box would be an 7,
simply because of the Barefoot Book saturation.
This scale don't mess around.

Do you want to try Citrus Lane for yourself?  Link here
 Get a surprise box of the best products for your child every month

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