Frozen toys sensory bin

This activity turned out alot differently than I had it worked out in my head.

I thought Pickles would enjoy a super fun frozen ice activity.
The goal was to educate Nik about a little water and ice. 

The only thing I actually accomplished, was to give Nik 

just one more list item he will have to tell his therapist later in life. 

I pulled out the craft muffin tin and filled it with
 some of Nik's favorite little toys and water. 

 I had cars, rocks, a wax number three
and a bunch of other fun little toys. 

I threw them all into the freezer overnight. 

The next day I pulled out a big tub, filled it 1/2
way with water and started throwing in the frozen toys. 

Nik was puzzled and clearly displeased with what I had done with his toys.
Not the reaction I expected.
He started to liberate the toys from their ice prisons,
while fussing and saying things like "No... Lambie. Not Lambie!!"
"Those were my favorite toys. Goodbye toys"

It was dramatic and quite the show. 

At one point Nik's uncle showed him how to
smash the ice to get the toys out faster.  
Then it just became a fun ice smashing game.

After all of the ice melted from Nik's possessions
 he gathered them all up and went to hide them from me.
I assume to prevent this sort of tragedy from occurring again. 

TIL: Do not encase Nik's toys in ice as it causes
 weird Han Solo in the carbonite fridge flashbacks.