Firefighter Party signs

The signs were not as cool as cardboard firetrucks, but I just loved them. 
I liked making them too. One of my favorite parts.

I found some fire fighter type buckets at a local craft store.
Red, of course.
Using a letter stencil I placed the word "Fire" on the buckets.
I have no idea if firefighters use these buckets and if so for what, but I saw it in a Handy Manny episode and that's good enough for me.

The local craft store also had a fiery selection of papers as well.  

I decided I wanted to make the signs 8 1⁄2 in × 11 in.
Why? That's standard and I hate cutting, so that made step 1 easy.
The other colors I cut exactly 1 1/2 inch smaller.
I used 4 colors.
I think it's fancier that way

The stickers were also obtained from the local craft store(s).
I scoured all of the local crafts stores as most of them
had a severe shortage of firefighter-looking stuff.

On the "grab a hat and badge" sign,
the word "kids" is made out of chip board letters.
I wanted to use stuff I just had in the craft closet so
I spray painted the letters to match and bam!

This one caused controversy around the house.
I ran out of letters and did not want to get more,
so I decided to get creative.
The sign made perfect sense to me,
but the hubs saw to it that I catch hell for it. 

I loaded the bottom of the buckets with a
hot glued foam piece, a dowel and rocks from Nik's rice bin. 
I decided to cover that rock foam mess with something fun.
I had recently dyed some rice with kool-aid for another project and still had rice and kool-aid.

I dyed a red and an orange and let Nik help me scoop it into the buckets. 

He loved the signs. He touched all of the letters
 and told me what he thought they said. 

Nik kept saying things like "wow it smell good in here".
He discovered the rice was what smelled good and that it tasted good as well. Mmm Kool-aid
Unfortunately we had to release Nik from his scooping duties.

The bucket signs turned out fantastically,
and no rice was swallowed in the making of the bucket signs.

In addition to the bucket signs I made a folded table sign as well.
Cheeky fireball jokes. 

I searched the web for a free fire template as I
 was sucking in the drawing fire department.

I cut out a ton of the fire's in red, orange and yellow construction paper.
I glued them to the inside of a piece of cardboard.
This cardboard was the piece cut from the top of the firetrucks.

I used my remaining letters to spell out a
message to the parents of the party.
No worries mom's and dad's,
let them drive it, kick it, drag it and just have fun. 

I wanted the kids to have a sack to take their firetrucks home in.
And in a lot of cases, fireballs too.

I let Nik stamp the bags with a kid and a dog in a play fire truck. 

Home depot has free wooden flooring samples. 

I glued a rubber stamp to the wooden
side of that sample and let Pickles get to stamping.

I really like the firefighter feel the signs gave the party.
Overall a firefighting party success. 

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