Firefighter Birthday party

The firefighter birthday party was awesome!
At least, that is the feedback I received from Pickles.

We had firetrucks! Definitely the hit of the party.
I will have a "how-to" on the firetrucks coming up. 

I was just looking for excuses to put flames on things,
so I made up a few signs just to have a reason to use them.
Well, and of course, I wanted parents to know it was cool if their
child ripped the steering wheel off of one of the trucks.

I found an amazing shop on Etsy that sells unpainted fire trucks.
I placed washable markers and fireman stickers on the table and let the kids color their own favors.

All the kids seemed to really enjoy coloring the trucks.

Even the "big kids".

All of the children got a fireman hat and badge.

And of course, food.
PB&J's with gummy worms and fruit.

I was also serving "fireballs".
Another excuse to use flames on a sign.

I made signs for all of the tables as well. 
I will have pictures in the how-to posts.
The hubs thought it was just hilarious to ask me over and over
What's a "color a take it home?"

The fire truck on the help yourselves sign is sweet.
I stenciled "Fire" on all of the red buckets thinking it would give the
decor that extra firefighting touch. 

Lets stop a moment and talk about paper straws.
They are clearly not made for drinking.The box assured me these were "a stylish alternative to plastic straws".
One would think the whole water + paper = wet mess
concept would have made me think twice about my purchase. 

The firetruck cake was handmade by one of Nik's grandmothers.
She is fabulous and so are her cakes.
Pickles loved it and got to keep the firetruck topper toy afterwards.

Nik received some very generous gifts
 from some awesome people.

Look At Me...  I'm Three

Photography supplied courtesy of Christina Seddon-Meyer

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  1. Nik's party was amazing!! Misty is so darn crafty and regardless what she says she does not get this from me, not at all. I can't draw a stick man with a ruler. NOPE. The party was a a success because it wasn't staged, what I mean by that is there wasn't a certain time for each thing. Each kid could do what they wanted when they wanted, except for cake and birthday gifts. They could play on the playground, color the awesome firetrucks or eat pb& j's with gummy worms, (CREEPY) but I don't like gummy worms but I'm not 3. The kids and adults had a super, duper time. Nik ran around and had so much fun. His mom and dad made it a great day and Grandma Cookie, (Grandma Williams) make a super yummy fireman cake complete with fun things on top for Nik to keep. She is super craftsy not me. Thanks Terry as always for the cake, yum yum. What a great day and Misty did a super job on everything. Those firetrucks sure were cute and the kiddos loved them. Great job Misty. Love you guys. Nana Hale