Ornament bird feeder

I have been slacking in the blogging department lately.
Pickles will be the big three soon, and I have been spending
alot of my free time working on some exciting things for that.

Continuing with our bird theme, Nik felt it was necessary to feed
the birds as well as housing them.
So we decided to make bird feeders.

My original plan was the pine cone peanut butter route,
but I deviated from that plan.
As I was standing in the bird seed section reviewing my options I saw
 containers of bird suet.
Apparently there is fat in suet which is good for fattening up winter birds,
but no so good for bird bikini season.

bird suet
string or jute
cookie cutter

I bought two different kinds of suet.
We wanted to attract a variety of birds.

I provided Nik with a straw to punch a hole in the form after it was complete,
 but he insisted on doing that part first. 

I explained to Nik that we were going to break up the suet cake, and smoosh it into the candy corn shaped cookie cutter.
Why a candy corn shaped cutter?
We like to mix things up sometimes,
and use Halloween candy corn cutters in March.


Nik discovered the suet was crumbly,
but the fat allowed it to smoosh together.
This was his favorite part.

We also learned two additional facts
about suet while doing this project. 

The fat in this stuff is like crack to dogs and cats.
They tried to pin Pickles to the ground so they could lick his hands.

And, this stuff is like magic on dry winter hands.
My skin felt fabulous after this. Greasy, but fabulous.

We poked a hole in the mold with a straw, right in the middle.
I find a straw works better as it sucks up excess suet.
We pushed the ornament out of the mold and 
placed it in the freezer for a few hours to set. 

Jute was used to string the ornaments onto the tree's. 

The snow started to pick up substantially so we hung
 the bird seed molds in trees and ran back into the house.

A lot of birds stopped by.
It was nice to see the large variety and Nik thought the birds were cool.

But you won't be able to see the cool birds
 as the pictures below are horrible.

A white and black bird stopped in to eat.

This guy was large. He had a beautiful red splotch on his head.

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