Citrus Lane review Feb 2014

If you are generally amazed by the professional quality and sheer awesomeness of my pics, I'm sorry to say you will be disappointed today.
The pics are less than stellar. 

Pickles had been waiting all day for me to
get home from work to open his "Lane" box;
he could have just burst with excitement.

To make the poor child wait for me to take
pictures of everything was just cruel and unusual punishment.

February's box had great stuff in it.

The first item was a gift for mom. Very cool.
Green Apple Age Defy Hand Cream.
The hand cream is lovely and smells more citrus to me than apple.
And if there is one thing I need to do more of, it's defy my age.

Next we have the Tie-Up Shoe.
This was the star of the show.

It's a little wooden shoe with shoelace holes to thread through.
Nikolas had to stop and focus on this one. 

It did not take long before Pickles
realized the shoe could be used as a melee weapon.

I took the shoe away and handed Nik the Storage bin.
It didn't look like something that could be played with, so Nik had that disappointed look on his face

I explained that the storage bin could hold
Hot Wheels, dinosaurs etc, and then he was hooked.
He wanted to fill it with treasures right away.
I personally have my own love affair with containers, so I can fully understand Nik's excitement when discovering the monkey could actually hold his stuff.

It's quite sturdy.
Handles on both sides, cute ears and a lined inside. 

The box also contained another Barefoot book.
Skip through the Seasons.
Nik loves searching puzzles so this was right up his alley.
Not sure why Citrus Lane is only focusing on Barefoot in the last few boxes.

Overall, two thumbs up.

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  1. "It did not take long before Pickles
    realized the shoe could be used as a melee weapon."

    LOL. Perfect!

  2. I understand Misty's love for storage containers !! Poor girl got that from me. I love, love, love them and cute boxes of all different sizes and gift bags. Wait I could go on and on and this site is about Nikolas. Tell me that kid isn't cute? You can't can you, he's just perfect. love nana